How I Became A Health Detective

Alot of people have asked what the term Health Detective means or even how I came to label myself as such.  The dictionary defines a detective as “A person, usually a member of a police force, who investigates crimes and obtains evidence or information.

In my mind, the illness that invaded my body was committing the most heinous crime of all:  robbing me of my good health.  I could no longer function as I pleased.  Everything I did was subject to whether my body would or would not allow it.  It was almost as if I had to ask my body for permission.  Body, can I go to work without incident?  Body, can I go to my family’s gathering without  having to suddenly excuse myself?  My body was running my life and I didn’t like it one bit.

I became the detective in that I vowed to find the cause of what was ailing me.   I began collecting as much evidence as I possibly could.  Symptom journals, food journals, emotional journals…..these were a few of the tools I used in my journey.  I compared this data with blood tests, stools tests, allergy tests and every other test that I’d been subjected to.  Like a police detective, I searched for any common denominators and any links I could find.

It took years, but I finally solved the puzzle.  In the interim, I found a practioner that I could work with and together we fought and we won!


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