The Not-So Invisible Cost of Having an Invisible or Undiagnosed Illness

If arming yourself with analgesics, tissues, and cough syrup for a week long battle against the common cold racks up a $30.00 tab at Walgreens, just imagine how costly it can be to suffer with a chronic invisible misdiagnosed, or undiagnosed illness.

While initially in the throes of mysterious symptoms, you look to the medical community for help and guidance. After countless office visits to specialists, surrendering pints of blood for testing, and subjecting your already weakened body to a series of invasive and painful procedures, your quest for a diagnosis becomes more harrowing, exhausting, and emotionally draining than Indiana Jones’s search for the Holy Grail.

Personally, I would’ve been happy to spend $30 at Walgreens.  Instead, I bought into every promise made by the supplement industry.   I literally had over three full boxes of supplements and at one point I was taking over 20 pills three times a day!  If I’d known what I know now, I could’ve saved myself hundreds of dollars on supplements alone.

My supplement tab had nothing on my doctor’s tab.  I tried every specialty, both traditional and non-traditional, I could find.  Some doctors charged up to $475 for the first visit alone and, you guessed it, they sold me a ton of supplements.  It was a truly mind boggling and expensive experience.

What price have you paid, or are you continuing to pay for your medical mystery illness? Share your comments, or email me at   I would love to learn more about your health journey.

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