A Healthy Shift In Perspective

I’m new to Cincinnati, and have been making an effort to get out and connect with other like-minded individuals. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending a Women’s Idea Network meeting where I shared in great food and great conversation with a group of wonderful women. I was struck by the dynamic energy of the women seated at my table, and by their passion for their work. It’s no mistake that I was drawn to this particular table of women because I absolutely ooze passion and enthusiasm whenever I discuss health and wellness.

One of the ladies, Martha Kersey, shared a story with me that I found very inspiring. (I have to tell you the story was hilarious when Martha told it, so bear with me as I try and give you a feel for what she said minus the humor.)

As an RN, Martha taught her daughter how to read labels of various over the counter medications and determine the proper dosage based on what she’d read. It was normal for her daughter to call her when she didn’t feel well, tell her how she felt, explain what she wanted to take and relay the proper dosage.  (Most mothers would think this was great, and at the time Martha did, too.)

However, Martha later shifted her perspective and began to look at how she could prevent rather than treat her family’s symptoms. Martha used her RN background, and began researching ways she and her family could start living a healthier lifestyle. During her research, Martha discovered Juice Plus, and decided that it would be a great addition to her new, healthy lifestyle. Well, it worked! This shift in perspective changed Martha’s daughter’s perspective, too, which led to her having fewer health problems.

As a mother, Martha expressed guilt over not being able to share this mindset with her other children (they were older and out of the house by then).  My reaction to Martha’s story was quite different. I thought to myself – How amazing! Martha was not only able to shift her perspective, but those of her daughter and husband as well. For that, Martha should be truly proud.

I shared Martha’s story with you because I think there’s a lesson to be learned.  Many times, people that suffer from health challenges don’t ask themselves what they can do to make things better.  It would have been easy for Martha to let her daughter continue down the road of symptom->pill->symptom->pill, but instead she decided to take control and figure out what she could do to help her family become more healthy.

If you’re living your lifestyle a certain way and experiencing multiple health symptoms and/or health problems, how can you expect your health to change if you continue to do the same thing? Isn’t that the definition of insanity? Yes, medication may be an option, but what happens when you become dependent on that medication and you need another medication to counter the side effects of the first medication?  It’s an endless, vicious cycle, but you have the power to break this cycle if you take control of your health by taking responsibility for your health.

Change your perspective and ask yourself not what the medical establishment can do for you, but what you can do to help yourself medically. Take it from Martha, it works – and it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to do it as long as you do it!

How can you change your perspective?


4 Responses

  1. hi this is martha’s daughter:). You did a wonderful job of telling our story. Have a healthy day! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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