Doctor’s Limitations

Back in the day, I think patients placed blind faith in their doctors, taking comfort in the belief that most doctors were acting in their best interest. Today, I’m not so sure this level of comfort exists.

The economics of practicing medicine has changed dramatically – from health insurance restrictions to increased medical malpractice premiums, as well as the pressure to “keep up with the Joneses” by acquiring high-tech medical equipment. Bottom line: doctors aren’t making the kind of money they used to. As a result, many are looking to unnecessary surgeries and testing (on their new equipment, of course!), and are even peddling supplements and other moneymakers.

Am I saying that all doctors are bad? Absolutely not! Not by a long shot.

What I am saying is this: don’t sell yourself short. Remember, YOU are your body’s expert, and YOU play an important role in restoring your health.

Regardless of what doctor you’re seeing, he or she may go home to a restful night’s sleep while you’re tossing and turning with discomforting mysterious symptoms. Today’s doctors are more powerful, more specialized, and perhaps more deaf than those of years gone by. Find a medical practitioner who will listen to your symptom picture, and work WITH you in developing a treatment plan. Above all, take an active role and a proactive approach at your next doctor’s visit.


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