CFS is NOT caused by a virus!

I don’t usually post twice in one day, but I was online and read an article about chronic fatigue syndrome that I found particularly disturbing. Apparently some genius wrote an article in Science magazine linking the retrovirus knows as XMRV to CFS.   What does this mean?  Well, on the surface CFS sufferers might start to think that treatment is on the way now that they’ve located the cause.

Not so fast CFS sufferers.  Think about it.  First, the media gets everyone excited about something like this.  Then, the drug companies jump on board because of course, they have your best interest at heart and want to help (translation:  they want to develop a way to take your money).  How long do you think it’ll take before one of them comes up with a vaccine for CFS?  Doctors also benefit in that they no longer have to admit that they have no clue about what causes CFS much less how to treat it.

There are countless stories out there about people that have had CFS for a very short period of time because they took charge of their health and made the necessary lifestyle changes.  If you’re a CFS sufferer you might want to research these types of stories and not fall prey to some harmful vaccine or drug that’s sure to be coming down the pipe.

You can read this story for more information:

Remember, you can’t be brainwashed if you’re well informed.


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