What’s Your Reason to Quit?

The Great American Smokeout is just around the corner.  Are you – or a loved one – ready to reclaim your health from the clutches of cigarettes or smokeless tobacco? If so, then join millions of Americans on November 19th for the 32nd annual Great American Smokeout, and take the first step on the path of a tobacco free life.

At the heart of every achievement lies desire or a reason that spurs motivation. Think of this desire as the cornerstone for success. Now, sit down with pen and paper and list the reasons behind your desire to quit smoking. Include every single thing you can think of, from the largest, most obvious of reasons to the smallest. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

• I want to reduce my chances of lung cancer, heart attack, or stroke
• I want to play with my child without getting short of breath
• I’m tired of waking up with a cough, or coughing so hard that I make myself sick.
• I want more control over my life
• I’ve got better things to spend money on
• I don’t want my tobacco use to affect my child’s/spouse’s health
• I’m tired of the late night trips out for cigarettes, and going out in bad weather to smoke alone.
• I never accomplish what I need to during the day because I waste so much time smoking.
• I’m sick of the overflowing ashtrays, stinking clothes, hair, breath, and car.
• I’m tired of cracking the car window in the pouring rain or freezing cold to smoke.

Have your list at the ready, and add to it when more reasons come to mind – remember, there’s no reason that’s too small or insignificant to include. Carry your list with you, and read through it whenever your resolve starts to ebb. Having your list at your fingertips will help get your priorities back in order, and keep you on the path of success.

So, what are your reasons for quitting? Drop me a line, or share a comment – I’d love to be part of your smoking cessation success!

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  1. […] adults should be allowed to make their own decisions.  But, what about all those people who smoke a pack a day and then sue the tobacco company when they get cancer?  At what point is an adult FULLY […]

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