Medical Marijuana for Autism!

Yesterday I was in the airport and happened to notice that CNN was running a story on autism (usually there’s some type of sports event on and I couldn’t care less).   Since I know a few kids with autism, I decided it was worth a listen. What I heard was absolutely absurd!   CNN interviewed the mother of an autistic child who claimed that medical marijuana helps her son.  Then, this mother went on to say that any mother would do anything to  help her child.

I’m not a mother, so I can only imagine how painful it is to watch your child suffer from autism or anything else for that matter.  However, I think someone needs to get through to this mother fast!  As a mother, it’s her job to protect her child to the best of her ability. Unfortunately, this mother has chosen to make a decision for her son that will have negative long term effects on his life.

Let’s face it people, when you’re high you don’t feel anything – period!  Marijuana, medical or otherwise, doesn’t do anything but deaden your senses –  not to mention your brain cells.  In the long run, medical marijuana is a band aid that has long term consequences for frequent users.

What this mother is advocating is getting her child high so that SHE doesn’t have to deal with his situation. As a result, she’s setting a precedent for what could become a dangerous practice.  If medical marijuana is allowed to be used for autism, what will prevent mothers from using it for ADHD or any other number of conditions?

Can someone please call Child Protective Services!

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the information friend

  2. I really wish that people would stop listening to the propaganda of how marijuana is bad. Marijuana is another name for cannabis. It’s a natural plant, not a drug. There are so many uses for it besides smoking it. You can make clothes, books, build houses from the leaves of the plant. I commend the mother for going the natural alternative route than the pills route.

    The reason why “they” don’t want people to have cannabis is because natural alternatives do not make the pharma mafia money. The health care industry is all about money, money, money. Not about saving lives or improving health. Because if the industry was about “improving health”, there would be no money lined in the pharma mafia’s pockets and the majority of doctors would be out of jobs. Doctors depend on pharma mafia by pushing off drugs and unnecessary surgeries, tests.

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