My Test Results are In!

I love getting mail because usually it’s something I ordered or a nice card or gift (I get bills via email).  So today I was really excited to receive the results from my electromagnetic testing.  The results were broken down into 3 sections:  Inhibitors, Imbalances and Organ and Systems.  There was also a summary section that rated my vitality, energy and pathology.  Here are the highlights:

Inhibitors – This section discussed influences that could be negatively affecting my body.  The higher the number, the more of an inhibitor it is.  My top inhibitors were yeast, sensitivities and allergies.  No surprise here.   I long ago realized that I’m sensitive/allergic to certain foods and chemicals and so I’ve just avoided them.  Yeast is another factor that didn’t surprise me.  I’ve tried dozens of yeast products and none of them really worked (I wish I’d known how to choose the right supplements for my body).

Imbalances – My top imbalances were hormone and vitamin/mineral.  Since I’ve had hypothyroid issues, the hormonal imbalances were no surprise.  Ditto on the vitamins and minerals since I have a problem with absorption in some cases.

Organs and Systems – Colon, adrenals, and leaky gut topped the list.

Overall, I was pleased with the results because they confirmed what I already determined by paying attention to my own body and symptoms.  And, the best part is that I’ll feel even better than I already do once I address these issues.

Now what?  I’ll talk about my wellness regimen in future posts.


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