My Wellness Station

I’ve received all of my supplements and homeopathics and I’m ready to get started.  The key to any wellness program is consistency.  I know that if I’m going to stick with it, it has to be part of my routine.  Otherwise, I’ll fall off the wagon.  Check out this video and you’ll see what I like to call my “wellness station.”

Have you ever done something like this before?   How did you make sure that you’d follow through?  Let  me know if you have any ideas. I’d love to hear them.


Which Symptoms Should I Address?

A few folks have asked about my remaining symptoms.  So, I put together this video awhile ago and decided to post it for all to see.  Take a look and click the comment link below to share what symptoms you may have.

My Test Results are In!

I love getting mail because usually it’s something I ordered or a nice card or gift (I get bills via email).  So today I was really excited to receive the results from my electromagnetic testing.  The results were broken down into 3 sections:  Inhibitors, Imbalances and Organ and Systems.  There was also a summary section that rated my vitality, energy and pathology.  Here are the highlights:

Inhibitors – This section discussed influences that could be negatively affecting my body.  The higher the number, the more of an inhibitor it is.  My top inhibitors were yeast, sensitivities and allergies.  No surprise here.   I long ago realized that I’m sensitive/allergic to certain foods and chemicals and so I’ve just avoided them.  Yeast is another factor that didn’t surprise me.  I’ve tried dozens of yeast products and none of them really worked (I wish I’d known how to choose the right supplements for my body).

Imbalances – My top imbalances were hormone and vitamin/mineral.  Since I’ve had hypothyroid issues, the hormonal imbalances were no surprise.  Ditto on the vitamins and minerals since I have a problem with absorption in some cases.

Organs and Systems – Colon, adrenals, and leaky gut topped the list.

Overall, I was pleased with the results because they confirmed what I already determined by paying attention to my own body and symptoms.  And, the best part is that I’ll feel even better than I already do once I address these issues.

Now what?  I’ll talk about my wellness regimen in future posts.

Electromagnetic Testing?

If you’ve been to my site before, then you know that I’ve talked about how I got rid of most of my symptoms myself.  But, like most people with chronic illnesses, I still have a few problems that I’d like to get rid of.  Enter electromagnectic testing.  Without going into too much detail, electromagnetic testing looks at your body at the cellular level.  If it’s done properly, your ND should be able to tell you exactly what your body needs.

Why did I decide to go through this after my medical ordeal?  Well, I was intrigued by the fact that the results are specific to my body as opposed to others suffering from the same symptoms.  I’ve also had success with homeopathy, which also deals with your specific body and symptoms.  So, I contacted my friend Nancy and she set everything up.

I received a kit in the mail with instructions to collect saliva and urine (okay, I’ve collected samples a million times before so no big deal).  I mailed it in and should be receiving my kit shortly.  Actually, I’m really excited to see the results.

I’ll keep you posted.

My First Mammogram!

Well, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month so it’s no surprise that I decided to have my first mammogram today.  I’d been putting it off for over a year because of all the horror stories.  I’d heard of women coming out with breasts so painful they had to sit down.  Others described the pain as unbearable.  I really didn’t know what to expect so I was in no hurry to make the call.   Were it not for the fact that my grandmother had breast cancer, I probably would’ve put it off yet another year or two.  Fortunately, she survived, but cancer is rampant in my family.  I lost my mom and 2 aunts within a three year timeframe.  That’s not to mention my cousin who died of cancer before he graduated high school!  No, not having a mammogram wasn’t an option. I made the call last week and today was d-day.

Guess what?  It wasn’t painful at all.   Uncomfortable, yes.  Painful, absolutely not.  I was pleased as punch when the technician told me it was all over.  I was in and out in less than 30 minutes.

This weekend, encourage your mother, sister, cousin, aunt or friend to go ahead and get her mammogram.  Breast cancer is very treatable if detected early.  My grandmother is over 90 years old and still kickin’

Talk to you on Monday.

How the Summer of 1993 Changed My Life Forever

The summer of 2009 marks the 16th anniversary of two defining events of my life: the death of my mother, and the onset of my downward spiral into being undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, and chronically ill.

Though my mother died 16 years ago this July, I remember that day as if it were yesterday. My mother was diagnosed with cancer during the fall of 1992 while I was away at graduate school, and I struggled with the challenge of not being able to be with her on a daily basis. A few months before graduation, my mother called me in tears, saying that her pain so severe she would not be able to attend the ceremony. I decided right then and there that walking across the stage meant nothing to me without my mother at my side. I spoke with my professors, finished exams, wrapped up my TA grading, handed the keys to my car to my roommate (I had it shipped to California later), and returned home to be with my mother. Deep in the pit of my stomach, I knew that she didn’t have much time.

I immediately moved in with my mother (my parents divorced a few years before) and struggled to remain strong in the face of her suffering. During this time, I expressed love for my mother more freely than ever, making sure to tell her how much I loved her, and how important she was in my life. Shortly after moving in with Mom, my boss approached me and asked for me to go out of town for a trade show. I was excited by the prospect of my first business trip, and with Mom’s blessing I agreed to attend the event. Before leaving for the airport, I gave Mom a huge kiss and told her how much I loved her. I didn’t know it at the time, but this was to be our final farewell, and the last time I would ever see my mother alive.

A few days into the trip, I begin to feel that something wasn’t quite right. Then my mother called, saying that she couldn’t take the pain anymore, and asking when I would be home. I knew that the end was near, and not being with her was devastating. I told my Mom how much I loved her, and promised to be home the next day. I will always remember Mom saying, “I don’t know how much longer I can wait.”

The next day, the somber faces of my father and sister greeted me at the airport, and I immediately felt weak in the knees. When we got in the car, my father and sister told me that Mom had died earlier that morning, and I doubled over to stifle the pain and the tears. Though 16 years have passed, the pain of this memory is so raw and close to the surface that it still makes my eyes flood with tears whenever I think about it. Losing my mother was the worst experience of my life.

A few months later, my body crashed and began attacking itself. Yep, this is another anniversary that I’ll never forget.  You can read more about my health journey here.

How I Became A Health Detective

Alot of people have asked what the term Health Detective means or even how I came to label myself as such.  The dictionary defines a detective as “A person, usually a member of a police force, who investigates crimes and obtains evidence or information.

In my mind, the illness that invaded my body was committing the most heinous crime of all:  robbing me of my good health.  I could no longer function as I pleased.  Everything I did was subject to whether my body would or would not allow it.  It was almost as if I had to ask my body for permission.  Body, can I go to work without incident?  Body, can I go to my family’s gathering without  having to suddenly excuse myself?  My body was running my life and I didn’t like it one bit.

I became the detective in that I vowed to find the cause of what was ailing me.   I began collecting as much evidence as I possibly could.  Symptom journals, food journals, emotional journals…..these were a few of the tools I used in my journey.  I compared this data with blood tests, stools tests, allergy tests and every other test that I’d been subjected to.  Like a police detective, I searched for any common denominators and any links I could find.

It took years, but I finally solved the puzzle.  In the interim, I found a practioner that I could work with and together we fought and we won!